Albert Ezerzer: Illuminating His Contributions in Film and Television

Albert Ezerzer


Albert Ezerzer was an American actor and member of the Transportation Management Facility who made a markful impression upon everyone around him during his work environments in film and television productions, leaving a lasting legacy that endures today. This article examines who Albert was, his contributions, and the legacy he left after his passing.

Albert Ezerzer: In Front and Behind the Scenes:

Albert Ezerzer was born January 31, 1959 in Los Angeles and quickly discovered his passions for acting and driving at an early age. Ezerzer’s roles on shows like Suits as well as movies such as Interstate 60 and No One Could Protect Her demonstrated his talent as an actor; furthermore he provided equipment transportation during film productions.

Albert Ezerzer on Suits:

Albert Ezerzer’s role on the legal drama series Suits was an integral component of his career. Joining its cast in season 4, Ezerzer quickly established himself as an integral member of the Suits family – both his portrayal of Jeff Malone was widely recognized, while his off-screen personality was equally appreciated by cast and crew alike.

Moving Beyond Suits:

Albert Ezerzer’s impact was not limited to Suits. His commendable work in the transportation department stretched far beyond one set, including working with prominent celebrities like Cameron Diaz. In his career, Ezerzer worked on a variety of film sets that expanded his fame and influence within the industry.

Reflecting on Albert Ezerzer’s Death:

Albert Ezerzer passed away suddenly from a ruptured aortic aneurysm in 2014, sending shockwaves through both his family and crew members who had worked alongside him on Suits. Season 4 of Suits paid tribute to Albert Ezerzer with an emotional segment, underscoring the void left by his absence.


Who is Albert Ezerzer? Albert, a respected actor and crew member, will be fondly remembered by industry veterans, particularly the Suits family. While Albert name initially went unnoticed, his work left an indelible mark in the hearts of those who worked with him.

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