Jenna Ortega Height: How Tall is the Rising Star in Hollywood?

Jenna Ortega Height


Jenna Ortega has made quite an impressionful impactful mark in entertainment at such an early age, starting off her career on Jane The Virgin before making waves in Netflix’s show You. Since then her star has continued to rise. Here is an insightful breakdown of Jenna Ortega’s height, age and net worth as of 2023.

An Overview of Jenna Ortega:

Born September 27, 2002, Jenna Ortega made an immediate mark upon entering Hollywood as an infant actor. From early minor roles to more prominent and memorable ones; Jenna Ortega quickly established a stellar standing within Hollywood due to her incredible acting prowess; this earned her key roles that cemented her place within its culture and history.

Jenna Ortega Height and Age:

Ortega stands 5 feet 1 inch but her charm surpasses any physical limitations she may possess. As evidenced by her success as an actress, this height has not prevented Ortega from creating performances that attract audiences worldwide.. As of 2023, she is 21 years old having begun acting at such an early age; this career represents Ortega’s undying passion and immense talent.

how much does jenna ortega weigh

Jenna Ortega, a rising star captivating audiences in both film and TV series, maintains an impressive balance between her active lifestyle and her professional commitments. Known for her roles in hits such as ‘You’ and ‘Jane the Virgin,’ the young American actress weighs approximately 45 kg or 100 pounds

Jenna Ortega Net Worth

Jenna Ortega has found great success as an actress, witnessing an exponential increase in her net worth as of 2023. This esteemed actress currently boasts approximately $3 Million; this figure could further grow with additional roles coming her way thanks to her skilled performances across numerous films and TV series.


Jenna Ortega has made waves in the entertainment world thanks to her infectious charisma and stellar acting talents, rapidly rising through the ranks at just 21 years old and measuring 5 feet 1 inch in height. Her estimated net worth in 2023 of an estimated $3 Million speaks volumes of Ortega’s success within her chosen field of acting.


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