Tim Belusko Life Overview: Danielle Fishel’s Ex-Spouse

Tim Belusko
Caption: Tim Belusko and Danielle Fishel (Source: Eonline)

Tim Belusko is an eminent figure best known for his high-profile marriage to Danielle Fishel, best known as Topanga Lawrence on “Boys Meet World.” Unfortunately, their relationship ended in divorce, yet media interest in Tim remains strong. This article delves deeper into Tim Belusko’s life focusing on both personal and career endeavors. Tim Belusko Bio

Tim Belusko: Early Life and Education

Born on July 8, 1988, Tim Belusko, now 34, is a Cancer according to astrological signs. This zodiac sign is often associated with traits such as being intuitive, emotional, and highly nurturing. Despite the media attention from his previous marriage, Belusko is a relatively private individual, with very little of his early years and family background available to the public consciousness.

Professional Life of Tim Belusko

Belusko, though most prominently known as Danielle Fishel’s ex-husband, is a professional with a considerable career impact. He has gained recognition in his field as an accomplished account manager, where he leverages his expertise to oversee, manage, and bolster the financial affairs of his clientele.

A Glimpse into Tim’s Personal Life

Tim Belusko has garnered wide media interest due to his former marriage with Danielle Fishel. They tied the knot at an intimate ceremony held October 19, 2013 in Los Angeles but eventually decided to part ways and divorce each other two years later in 2016. Since their split, however, Fishel and Belusko have maintained low profiles surrounding their relationship, restricting public insight into their personal lives.


Tim Belusko’s private nature and scarce reliable information make it challenging to provide a detailed description. Though widely recognized for his marriage with Danielle Fishel in the past. Belusko has since established himself as an account manager within the financial industry and may pique interest due to this previous association. This could lead people further along their search for more knowledge of him personally and professionally.

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