Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse Recipe: A Delicious and Creamy Dessert

If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy dessert that will impress your guests, then you should try this delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse recipe . This recipe combines the classic flavors of cheesecake with fresh strawberries to create a dessert that is both refreshing and indulgent. In this article , we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make this mouth-watering dessert.


  • 2 cups (340 grams) of diced strawberries
  • 1/3 cup (38 grams) of sugar
  • Juice of one lemon
  • One 21 oz (595 g) can of strawberry pie filling
  • For the cheesecake mousse:
  • 450 gm of cream cheese
  • 2 cups (300 grams) of powdered sugar, divided
  • 4 cups (1 liter) of cream, divided
  • 1 tsp (15 ml) of vanilla extract
  • 1 angel food cake or vanilla cake, diced


  1. Prep the strawberries : In a mixing bowl, combine 2 cups of diced strawberries with 1/3 cup of sugar and the juice of one lemon. Mix well and set aside to soak.
  2. Cut the cake: Cut the angel food cake or vanilla cake into small cubes .
  3. Make the cheesecake mousse: In a large mixing bowl, whisk the cream cheese with 1 cup of powdered sugar and 1 cup of cream until smooth and light. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and whisk again.
  4. Whip the cream : In a separate bowl , mix 2 1/2 cups of cream with 1/4 cup of powdered sugar until stiff peaks form .
  5. Fold the whipped cream: Fold 2 cups of the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture using a spatula. Save the remaining whipped cream for decoration.
  6. Add the pie filling: Add the strawberry pie filling to the strawberry marinade and mix well.
  7. Assemble the dessert: Alternate layers of cake cubes, strawberries, and cheesecake mousse until all ingredients are used. Cover with the remaining whipped cream and decorate as desired.
  8. Chill and enjoy : Chill the dessert in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving. Enjoy your delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse!
  9. Tips: If you’re short on time, use an 8-ounce jar of frozen whipped topping instead of making your own whipped cream. You can also use another jar of whipped topping to decorate the dessert .


This Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse recipe is the perfect dessert for any occasion. It’s easy to make and will impress your guests with its delicious flavor and creamy texture. By following the step-by-step instructions in this article, you’ll be able to create a mouth-watering dessert that everyone will love. So go ahead and give it a try !

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